Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rising Star: Sabrina Quinn

This is one of my best-est friends, Sabrina Quinn. She can really sing. And writes her own original songs. I`m so proud of her. She`s come so far, following her dream and she won`t let anyone put her down about it. She lives life like there`s no tomorrow and she knows what she wants out of it too.

Here`s a video displaying her talent...
Click the link...!/profile.php?id=630538206&sk=photos

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Year`s Eve

Just saw this movie! It was really good. Definitley something to see. I enjoyed it.

No Lies Told Here

This blog is about honesty. Brutal critism. Giving it to you stright, being blunt. And not caring what others think.

I got one life, it's short and I'm gunna live it.

But that's not all this blog is going to be about. It'll be random too and whole load of fun. :)

No lies told here.